The ALV2 P Series is the latest in our long line of electronic locking solutions, it is designed specifically for today’s busy hospitality and multi housing industry. Available in several finishes and handle types.


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The ALV2 Slim is the sleekest model in MIWA’s electronic locking line-up. This lock is also popular among all hospitality and multi housing industries. Available in several finishes and handle types.


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ALV2-C RFID Cylindrical Lock


The ALV2-C RFID cylindrical lock is the perfect solution for those applications requiring locks other than Mortise. Perfect fit and ease of installation along with the convenience of RFID for card access and management.

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Magnetic Strip


MIWA’s line of legacy Magnetic Stripe locks have served the Hospitality Industry for many years. Tried and trusted they’re are still largely in use today and backed by the quality and craftsmanship found in all our products.

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Door Control Unit


This ALV2 Series peripheral Door Control Unit is an exterior card reader designed to accept guest and staff card access keys. Featuring programmable locking features and back-up battery.


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Elevator Card Reader


MIWA’s Elevator Card Reader allows only those guests with a valid keycard to access elevator / floors they are assigned. Great for hospitality and multi housing. Designed to be built directly into the elevator’s panel.

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Perimeter Access Control Unit


This Perimeter Access Control Unit allows for limiting entry to only those valid cardholders at gate and door locations of a properties perimeter.

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High Quality Mechanical Locks


MIWA Lock manufacturers some of the highest quality mechanical locks in the world. Available in countries colored in green on the map at the following link…

Mechanical Locks

Card Issuing System


Nearly every front desk needs to make and issue key cards. The ALV2 Series MIWA Card Issuing System is designed for guest and staff card issuing. Through PC based software and a small USB encoder, cards can be administered.

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Exit Device


Exit Devices – Combining the best features of Miwa’s stand-alone access control with industrial strength mechanical hardware from K2 by Black & Decker and VonDuprin

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Safe Box


Securely guard your guests valuable belongings with our line of compact guest room safes.

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iEL Zero

iEL ZERO battery type+5-page-001a

Hands-free, electronic door lock solutions. Activated via proximity.


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Piack II catalog EN DTFL2_0620-3a

Battery Operated Digital Lock. RFID and PIN accessible, suitable for apartments and residences.


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High security lock with changeable key cylinders. Suitable for casinos and vending machines